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Smelliğ hér til ağ sjá nánar um sıninguna

(28/10 ´08)
n the end of the month an exhibition/introduction on Icelandic work of art, jewellery and design will start in Reykjavik City Hall (Ráğhús Reykjavíkur). This is the 3rd time that HANDVERK OG HÖNNUN plans this big event. A special jury chose 54 participants and Dırfinna is one of them. In the City Hall there will be variable handcraft, work of art and design. The artists will introduce their things by themselves. What will be shown and sold is i.e. stuff made of leather and “fishskin”, jewellery, glass art, things made out of bones and horns and many things originating from tree. This is an ideal opportunity to see variable Icelandic handcraft, work of art and design. The exhibition stands from 31st of October till 3rd of November 2008 and the access is free.
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Sjá nánar um sıninguna