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In Rundetärn “Round Tower” for the second time
(25/4 ´08)
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Dırfinna takes part in a northern handicraft exhibition in the Round Tower (Rundetärn) in Copenhagen (Denmark), that takes place 9th-21st of august 2008. She also took part in an exhibition in the tower in 2003.
The exhibition is called 55°north – modern nordic crafts and was organized by the Danish handicraft association “Kys Fröen”. The exhibition is supported by the Nordic cultural fund.
The organizers of 55°north say that those who participate, seek inspiration from northern culture, brightness and nature in their environment. On the exhibion you can find variable ceramic- and glass objects, textile, jewellery, timber objects and items made from twig.
On the exhibition there will also be shown photographs by Carsten Esbensen, which underline and support the theme of the participants.
Participants come form Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Faroe Islands. Iceland has two representatives, Dırfinna Torfadóttir goldsmith and Margrét Guğnadóttir who shows objects made of twig.
See the exhibition´s homepage