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Didi shows jewellery in Kentucky, USA
(19/11 ´06)

Dırfinna takes part in a northern jewellery exhibition in the Objects of Desire Gallery showroom in Louisville, Kentucky USA. The exhibition began on the 17th of november and is named Fire and Ice – Contemporary Nordic Jewelry. The place is owned by Julia Comer, an American businesswoman originating from Romania, but she has a huge interest in modern jewellery and many kinds of artistical works of art. She puts a great effort in that the things she shows (jewellery and other works of art) are practical, real works of art, unusual, unique, leading the way in her opinion and should also have received general appraisal. The gallery is equipped and owns around 40 works of art from jewellery designers from around the world. Aside that Julia Comer regularly puts up temporary exhibitions with designers that she finds interesting. The aim of this particular exhibition is to show northern, modern jewellery design to the US. The gallery has acquired general recognition as unique and futuristic and has opened its doors to global jewellery design, to introduce the designers as well as to sell their work. Julia Comer contacted Dırfinna late in the summer and asked her to send her a few things for the exhibition. Dırfinna was quick to react and sent her a few things which will be shown on the exhibition which ends on the 10th of january 2007.
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