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Dırfinna in Berlin
(15/11 ´06)

Dırfinna took part in the annual Gold 2006 exhibition in Berlin 27th-29th of october, which is participated by around 50 German jewellery designers. This was the first time that foreign jewellery designers were offered to take part. Besides Dırfinna, 3 other goldsmiths from Iceland participated. They were Guğbjörg Kr. Ingvarsdóttir, Helga Ósk Einarsdóttir and Inga Rúnarsdóttir Bachmann, all of them living in Reykjavik. Participants were appointed and chosen by the Icelandic Embassy in Berlin, there works a business representative who scheduled the visit of the guests. The Icelandic Ambassador, Ólafur Davíğsson, and his wife invited the guests to their place, where German guests were also invited to see some of the stuff the Icelandic goldsmiths had made, enjoy some refreshment and music. The soprano singer, Hanna Dóra Sturludóttir, sang Icelandic as well as German songs for the guests. During our stay we also went to see the joint embassies of the Scandinavian countries.
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Few pics from Gold 2006 in Berlin
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