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Dırfinna nominated Akranes artist of the year
(11/3 ´10)

The 9th of february 2010 Dırfinna Torfadóttir was nominated the „Akranes artist of the year 2010“ by the local authorities.

On a meeting on the 1st of december 2009 the board of Akranesstofa all agreed to nominate Dırfinna the honour of being The Akranes artist of the year 2010.

Their statement read as followed:

„The Board of Akranesstofa suggests that Dırfinna Torfadóttir, goldsmith, will be nominated the Akranes artist of the year 2010. Dırfinna has impressed throughout Iceland for her jewellery and various design and in the meantime she has addressed Akranes with her work in the art business. She has i.e. arranged visits for guests and tourists to Akranes to introduce them to the art and culture of Akranes and what the town has to offer.“

Smelliğ á mynd - Click on image to enlarge
From the nomination. With Dırfinna on the photo are
Gunnar Sigurğsson and Şorgeir Jósefsson.

Dırfinna runs a workshop at Stillholt 16-18 in Akranes. There she creates jewellery, sculptures amongst others. Previous Akranes artist of the year (2009) was Friğşjófur Helgason, photographer and filmmaker.

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