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Ismot 2007 - Jewellery of the year
(3/9 ´07)

Ismot 2007, an official Icelandic championship competition rearranged by the Industry Alliance of Iceland. This competition is named "The Icelandic Skills Competition" and was held in Laugardalshöll in Reykjavik this weekend. The competition was in many categories, among those were prices for jewellery making both for men and women.
Around 40 jewelleries competed and special judges evaluated them. Citizens were also allowed to take part in the voting process by voting through phone. Dyrfinna Torfadottir took part in the competition and won the price for, jewellery of the year 2007 for both women and men. The prices for winning the different categories of the competition were formally announced in a celebration in Laugardalshöll that 500 people attended at the end of the show, among those was the Icelandic minister of education Şorgerğur Katrín Gunnarsdóttir.
Dyrfinna´s men´s jewellery is called Fjara (sort of Beach) and with that she wants to point at Icelandic beaches and the pureness of the sea. The material she used in the jewellery is silver, decorated with one Cirkon stone. The jewellery gets attached to the clothing by a magnet, a modern way to attach jewellery.
Dyrfinna´s women´s jewellery is called Vertu şú sjálf/Eftir şínu höfği, which would be something like: "Be yourself/Let your mind decide" in English. That particular jewellery is very flexible and adjustable, depending on the occasion, clothing and the open mind of the user. The material she used is goldthread, steelthread, golden knobs, fresh water pearls with attachments inside.
These jewelleries among others will be there to see in a new workshop and gallery which Dırfinna and Finnur Şórğarson goldsmith will open together at Stillholt 16, Akranes later this month.

1.price Ismot 2007, Jewellery of the year: Jewellery for women
Vertu şú sjálf/Eftir şínu höfği: Creative jewellery (Women´s jewellery)
Material: Goldthread, steelthread, gold knobs, fresh water pearls with attachments inside

The usefulness of the jewellery is very good. It´s possible to release different units of it and put it together again the way you want it. See the pictures below to see examples of use.

1.price Ismot 2007, Jewellery of the year: Jewellery for men
Points at the beaches of Iceland and the pureness of the sea.
Material: Silver, white Cirkon, magnet. This jewellery may be used on a tie, the chest or on a cap and even to hold money together. See pictures below to see examples of use.