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Dırfinna Torfadóttir
Master Goldsmith and Designer of Jewellery.

Curriculum Vitae:
Dırfinna Torfadóttir was born in 1955 in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. She was brought up in Ísafjörğur, North-west Iceland, and lived there after finishing her studies.

In 2001 she moved to Akranes, a town adjacent to Reykjavík, and in Akranes she operates a small studio-workshop and gallery.

Ms Torfadóttir pursued her goldsmithing studies in Akureyri, North-Iceland, and in Valdres, Norway, and obtained her certificate as master goldsmith in 1983. That same year she opened a studio and a giftshop in Ísafjörğur, the latter of which she still runs there with handcrafted jewellery and giftware on offer.

Ms Torfadóttir has participated in a number of private and group exhibitions and has received various prizes and awards. She was, for instance, awarded the First prize for the Iceland Fashion Piece of Jewellery in the years of 1997, 1998, and 1999.

Jewellery and other creations of Dırfinna Torfadóttir can be found and bought in the airport shop in Keflavík (Flugstöğ Leifs Eiríkssonar), at Hotel Saga (in Reykjavik), in Epal Design (Reykjavik), in Listhús Ófeigs (Reykjavik) and in Gullauga (Ísafjörğur).
A few words about Ms Torfadóttir’s work and characteristics as a goldsmith and designer.
Dırfinna Torfadóttir has developed a distinct, personal style as a designer of jewellery, characterized by an original and often non-conventional use of materials and a daring execution. Icelandic nature is a notable influence in most of her work, and she is considered among the most significant goldsmiths and designers of jewellery in Iceland.

Dırfinna Torfadóttir
Phonenr.: +354-4643460 & +354-8626060

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